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Reservation HOTLINE 866-443-4405

Age Requirement:  Adult Supervision is required at all times of children and teenagers in the rental units, property, elevators, tennis courts and at all three pools during the day and evening hours. It is not in the best interest of the Dunes of Panama Management and Vacation Rentals and the other property owners to allow the adults to reside in one unit and the children/teenagers in another. This arrangement is strictly prohibited. Immediate termination of the rental will occur anytime during the stay if we find that the following rules have been broken or misconduct has or is occurring by the occupant(s) or guest(s) in their care.

Appliance Information:  Please do not set the A/C thermostat below 72 degrees and any higher than 79 to avoid condensation on the floors above and below causing A/C unit to freeze up. With Florida’s humidity we also ask that you do not leave A/C running while the sliding glass doors or front door are open. Excessive condensation will occur on floors and A/C vents and will result in the unit taking longer to re-cool.


Damages caused to door frames, locks, blinds, or drapes due to leaving sliding glass doors open will be the full responsibility of the registered guest.

Ice Maker: We empty ice and clean tray after every checkout. Please flip bar on icemaker down upon arrival to begin producing ice.

Refrigerator: We ask that guest do not adjust the refrigerator/freezer control knob to the maximum setting. This results in the refrigerator not cooling properly.

ATM: There is an ATM located inside Suds Weezers in the bottom of E BLDG.

Balcony Railings:  For the safety of our guests, no horse play, climbing, or throwing any item over balcony and catwalk railings. We also ask that you do not leave towels draped over railings or feed seagulls at any time.

Basketball Court:  Hours 8:30am-11pm. Court is first come, first serve. Office has equipment available to sign out from 8:30 am-6pm, or you may sign out with security from 6pm-10:30 pm at no additional cost. Basketball courts are located adjacent to the tennis courts.


BBQ Facilities:  Located on/near the pool deck of BLDG A&B and located off walkway of BLDG E (near Suds Weezer’s Deli). Grilling is not permitted on balconies.

Beach Area:  No glass containers allowed; before departing the beach, please be sure to empty trash in the receptacles provided. Sun shade tents are allowed on the beach however, we kindly ask that if you use these tents that you please take it down everyday and you do not block beach chair rentals. Dunes of Panama is not responsible for items left on the beach. For everyone’s safety we ask that you please observe the Beach Flag System located outside each pool deck informing of water conditions daily. See signs at each beach access for flag details or inquire at the office. The beach is patrolled by the Police Department, large congregation or parties are not allowed. Should you need assistance or report large congregations please contact the Police Patrol at (850) 233-5010 or Dunes Security at (850) 234-7430 or (850) 867-8845.

Beach Entertainment Equipment:  We also have beach equipment at no additional cost to our guests. Items included are: boogie boards, sand toys, shovels, water guns, beach pails, etc. You can sign items out in the office from 7:30am - 6:00pm *To ensure your safety, beach chairs, toys, and other items can not be stored in front of your doorway or in hallways.

Beach Service Rentals (Onsite):  Adventures @ Sea – (850) 234-0009 (Independent Seasonal/Hours and Rentals) (Chairs, umbrellas, jet skis, banana boats and parasail rides are available for rental with beach attendants. Pricing posted online or at Beach Hut).

Beach Trolley:  Bay Town Trolley offers different routes around town and Panama City Beach. There is a Bus Stop Location located outside the entrance of the Dunes of Panama on the right side of the road.

Cancellation Policy/Cancellation Processing Fee:
Cancellation policy for Daily/Weekly reservations is 21 days (3) weeks prior and Monthly reservation cancellation policy is 90 days (3) months prior to the date of arrival to avoid loss of full deposit; however there is a $25 Cancellation Processing Fee for all cancellations made prior to the above mentioned 21 or 90 days. Any cancellations after the given time of 21 days/90 days will forfeit the deposit paid.

Check-In:  Check-in for our units with our onsite property manager.  Please recognize that all conds at Dunes of Panama are privately owned and each owner has different arrangements for check in.   We use an onsite property manager for your convenience.  We cannot guarantee your room will be ready until 3:00pm (CST). We ask that you review your unit and notify the office the day of your arrival if you find anything needing attention in order for our housekeeping and maintenance to respond to your unit to ensure that everything is satisfactory.

Check-ins after office hours:   All guest that will be arriving after office hours must pick up their keys at the security gate. The Rental must be paid in full with the office prior to closing for the day. Late check-ins can only be done by the guest whose name is on the reservation only. We do require Proper Photo Identification that will be checked by the on-site Security for appropriate rental age and to be sure that you are the registered guests before issuing keys and daily gate codes. Please check with the office during your stay if you wish to obtain a gate card ($10 per card -refundable on return).

Check-Out:  Check-out time is 10:00am (CST). Procedure: Dishes must be washed, trash must be taken out and disposed of in the trash chutes located on each floor, to avoid spills on walkway & carpet please take trash can from unit to trash receptacle and return back to unit. All guest and personal belongings must be completely removed from the unit by 10:00 am (CST) to avoid paying half a days rent.

Children’s Activities:  Services are only provided seasonally and are for kids ages 4-12. Please see flyer in check-in packet for Day/Time/Location or contact the front desk in BLDG C.

Cleaning Fee:  The cleaning fee for  our Vacation rental guests is $65. This fee is an additional cost from the rental charge. If a unit is found to need additional cleaning due to the lack of care during the stay or unnecessary abuse an additional charge will be deducted from your Deposit to cover the additional cost to clean the unit and have it returned back to rental status. All units are non smoking full forfeiture of Deposit will occur if unit has been smoked in to cover additional smoke removal and loss of rental.

Credit Card Information and Other Payment Options:  We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, Cash, Cashier Check,and Money Orders.

Cribs:   Rentals are $10/per day

Deposit/Deposit Refund:  Deposits are required when booking either by credit card form or check. If mailing a check (excepted for advance deposits only) we require the deposit within 10 days of booking your vacation or the reservation will be automatically cancelled for non deposit.  A refund will be issued only after the full cleaning of the unit and determining that no funds are to be retained for damages, additional cleaning or smoking in unit. Refunds will be issued no later than 14 days after departure. Funds will be returned to credit card on file or deposits by check will be refunded by company check.

Emergency:  Call 911 immediately if an extreme emergency. Security: (850) 234-7430 Security cell: (850) 867-8845 Beach Police: (850) 233-5010

Entering Vacation Unit:  Upon arrival please take a look around the entire unit for any needed attention and be sure to notify our onsight property manager. We ask that you notify the office the same day as your arrival if you find anything needing attention in the unit in order for our housekeeping/maintenance department to respond in a timely manner to ensure your satisfaction.

Fax Machine:  Facsimile (FAX) service is located in our property managers office and is available for your convenience for a small fee.  Fax Number is (850)235-8210 and please specify name room is registered to and room number.

Fire:  In case of fire please use stairwell located on either side of the building. Tampering with fire equipment or vandalism of any type is strictly prohibited.

Fireworks:  Dunes of Panama is not liable for any mishaps. No fireworks are to be set off on the Dunes of Panama property. Any use of fireworks should only be used on the beach and any mishaps will be the responsibility of the guest.

Fitness Room:  Hours of Use: 7:30 am-8:00pm  Check out key with pur property manager office from 7:30am -6:00pm or with security from 6:00 - 8:00pm.  Location ground floor of E BLDG. Age requirement 15 +, MAX OCCUPANCY: 5 people

Gate:   The Dunes of Panama is gated, Please follow instructions at call box to contact the office or Security to be admitted to the property.

Handicap Parking Available: Valid Handicap Permit must be visible at all times.

High Chairs:  Rentals are $10/per day.

Internet Access: Your unit has free wireless internet access.  Our property manager also has a computer fpr guest use with a maximum of 20 minutes per person.

Linens/Towels:  In order to maintain reasonable rates, we do not provide daily maid service. Your unit has been supplied with initial setup of one towel/one wash cloth per guest per unit sleeping accommodations, along with bed linens. Towel exchange service is available for a fee of $7 per exchange for those who are interested. If you just want additional towels, it is a fee of $10.   If not, there is the convenience of a washer/dryer in every unit. If linens/towels show up missing from the unit they will be deducted from the security deposit. Extra sheets for sleeper sofa are located in the master bedroom closet.

Lobbies/Elevators:  Please help keep our lobbies and elevators dry by toweling off when leaving pools and into elevators/lobbies. 
Parents please discuss with your children that the elevators are an extremely expensive piece of equipment, not to be used as a playground, and there is to be no jumping in elevator cab, or pressing multiple elevator buttons. Cost of damage associated with misconduct from registrant, family, or guest will be the responsibility of Registrant. Camera Surveillance covers parking lots, balconies, and elevators. Anyone caught will be detained at security gate until parents or authorities arrive. Same rules apply to building walkways, balconies, and railings. Throwing items off balconies and catwalks is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury. Please refrain from these actions for it can have severe consequences. If you see this conduct on property please contact security immediately.
Lost and Found: Items that are found will be placed in lost and found for 30 days. Maintenance, Pool Supervisors, and office will have a log of items found daily.

Luggage:  Luggage carts are located in each lobby. Please do not take luggage carts into units to avoid any damages to doors, walls, and trim. Please be courteous to others and return the luggage carts back to lobby when unloading is complete for next guests usage.

Mail/Mailboxes:  Outgoing mail location, column near mailboxes Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday. Anything that cannot fit in individual mailboxes will be brought to the property managers office. During winter months they will place mail in parcel box and place key in mailbox for your access. Please make sure to have Name and Room Number listed on the package. If mail is incorrectly marked or brought to the office we will try and contact registrant. We will not be held responsible for it is the guest’s responsibility to check with the office to obtain their packages.

Medical Services:  Bay Walk-In Clinic is the closest medical facility. It is located at 8811 Front Beach Rd. The closest hospital is Gulf Coast Hospital located at 449 W. 23rd Street in Panama City.

Newspaper:  Local Newspaper stands are located outside lobbies in BLDG. A, B, D, & E.

Parking: Covered parking areas are reserved for owners unless marked with the same number as your unit. There is room for one vehicle per party ONLY underneath the buildings.

Pet Policy: At this time we do not allow guests pets on property. This will be strictly enforced in accordance with the Dunes of Panama Association Rules and Regulation. If a guests pet is found on property we will ask you to please board your pet or be asked to vacate the premises and will not be refunded already used portions of rent. We are aware you will see pets at times on property, however, these are pets of owners and abide to the Dunes of Panama Rules and Regulations of Owners.

Play Pens: Rentals are $10/per day.

Pools:  Hours of Use: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm. Location of pools: (2) - beachside of BLDG B and C (Smallest pool heated Nov 1st. - May 1st) (1) - beachside between D & E BLDG. Please read the Pool Rules located at each pool entrance on the pool deck. *All children not potty trained are required to wear swim diapers. *No glass containers on pool decks or beach.

Pool Chairs/Pool:  To aid that chairs can be found anytime throughout the day we DO NOT allow holding of chairs with towels especially during morning time of peak season. (May-August)-Spring Break & Labor Day Weekend. If chairs with towels are observed by our staff having no obvious activity for one hour we will remove the items in order to seat arriving guests. Moved items can be found in the Lost and Found Bin visible on all pool decks. If you do not wish for our staff members to remove your belongings please take them with you when not in pool areas.

We strive to make everyone’s stay enjoyable and family friendly so please wear appropriate attire that will not offend other families. We also ask that you please refrain from usage of profanity, public drunkeness, or underage drinking on the premises. Report such issues to security at gate house.

Quiet Time:
Please be courteous of other guest and owners. Quiet time is from 11 pm - 8 am. If someone is disrupting your stay please contact security at (850) 234-7430 / (850) 867-8845.

Rollaway Beds:  Rentals are $10/per day.

Security: Security is on premises from 3:00 pm - 7:30 am daily. If you need to report a problem or any additional assistance please contact security directly at (850) 234-7430 or (850) 867-8845 (cell).

Smoking: As a friendly reminder all rental units are Non Smoking. Full deposits will be retained for loss of rental and/or additional cleaning due to smoking in a unit. Smoking is allowed on the balconies, but we ask that you please close balcony doors while smoking so the smoke does not drift into unit. Smoke that drifts in the unit is considered the same as smoking in the unit so we ask you to please be cautious.

Shuffle Board:  Hours 8:30 am -11 pm.  You may check out equipment from 8:30 am - 6 pm with our onsight property manager or with security from 6 -10:30 pm. Cues and disks can be signed out to an adult at no additional charge with a 2 hours usage limit. **ANY ITEMS NOT RETURNED WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT.

Suds Weezer’s Deli: Deli, Convenience Store, & Gifts (850) 636-7867 Located in BLDG E.

Swing Set:
Tiny tot swing set located directly on beach

Telephone:  Local and “800” calls are free. Long Distance calls require a calling card.

Television:  Basic cable and HBO is provided. Televisions in rental units are not set to Parental Control. We do advise parental guidance in the late evening and early morning viewing hours due to high risk of graphic material played.

Tennis:  Located behind BLDG “B”. Tennis: Hours 8:30 am - 11 pm. Tennis Rackets can be checked out with no additional cost at our property managrs office from 8:30 am - 6pm or with security from 6 pm - 10:30 pm. Courts are first come, first serve.

Trash:  Trash chutes are located in every building on every floor. They are located at the end of the hallways. Please do not place large boxes, etc. down trash chutes. This will clog chutes and back up trash on multiple floors.

Unloading:  You may pull your vehicle up to unload in front of building lobbies (Max 15 min). Luggage carts are located in each lobby. Please do not take luggage carts in to units to avoid any damages. Please be courteous to others and return carts back to lobby when unloading is complete for next guest use.

Volleyball:  Seasonal Hours: 8:30 am - 6 pm.  Located on the beach in front of BLDG C. Volleyballs can be checked out from our property managers office with a 2 hr. time usage.

Winter Guest Rentals/Activities: 

Our condominiums are available for longer term Winter rentals from October through February. For a fraction of what you would pay for an apartment, the rental rates includes all utilities: water, basic cable TV, local telephone charges, and monthly electricity charges up to $70. Departure cleaning and linen fee does apply. E-mail us if you are interested.

TOLL FREE Reservation HOTLINE  866-443-4405 

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